Golden Miners Route

Golden Miners Route

  57 km 1490 m 17 +

Extraordinary views and wonderful forest highways. Fantastic trip uncovers Liptov's beauty and experience part of its history too.

Start from Partizánska Ľupča and turn left to Liptovská magistrála cycling route at the crossroad Biela Ľupča. Watch off the right sides to the forest paths cross-roads. When you come to the second, about 2-2.5km from the junction, turn right. Start 5km climb here by beautiful forest road which reveals some amazing views at the top section. So you can imagine what waits to you when you come to the summit. Reach junction with the yellow tourist sign turn left and continue by steep climb about 500m. Reach summit of Predna Magura quite easily by bike, but you need follow forest road, get there from back of hill. Come back to the place where connected on yellow touristicpath, just below the steepest section. Find descreet cross road to forest road on the left side and continue by beautiful forest highways up and down. This part keeps you at 1,000 m elevation and brings you to the old miner settlement Magurka. Follow green cycling route from here to the cross-road with the Vrchárska magistrála cycling route and go back by asphalt road to Partizánska Lupča. Here just keep your legs relax after challenging day.

This ride is mainly about the incredible views of the entire Liptov, which energize your soul. If you like to enjoy views to countryside, please don't forget to plan time you spend at the top of Predná Magura Hill. If you like history visit Liptovia ArcheoPark in Partizánska Ľupča and also old miners settlement Magurka where was mined gold and silver.