Cottages under "Sip" Hill

Cottages under "Sip" Hill

  14 km 330 m 14 +

Discover beautiful surroundings and views of the Šíp hill massif.

Take direction to Váh River from parking lot in Ľubochňa. Cross main international road and river by bridge. Follow the blue cycling route mark to the left to the village of Stankovany. Continue along route 2419. From the village Podšíp go down by the opposite side, continuing on route 2419 back to the village of Stankovany and Ľubochňa.


Route crosses International Road E50 in Ľubochňa. Be careful at this point.

Find mineral springs and refresh in the village of Stankovany. Visit the picturesque wooden village Podšíp which has no permanent inhabitants any longer. The settlement is located in the meadow below the Šíp Hill and you can enjoy a glorious sceneries of the valley and ridges of Malá and Veľká Fatra mountains. There is a peak called Kopa in front of the settlement, which cause one part of Stankovany village doesn't get sunshine for most of the year.