Perfect XC Training

Perfect XC Training

  31 km 410 m 14 +

Fast and technical cross country circuit boosts your energy.

Start by cycling route Cyklo Korytnička from Ružomberok. When you get to Podsuchá don't continue by, just go right and by main road to Bodega Hut back approximately 200m. Start climbing from restaurant point for next 2 km until you see cross road with forest path to the left side. After turning to the forest road, just keep it all to yourself and your body. Enjoy excellent and fast climbs which quickly change to beautiful technical downhills. When arriving to Škutovky connect to asphalt road and continue to village Liptovská Osada where you can turn back and decide if you take the same direction by forest road to avoid flat section or take relaxing flat route to Ružomberok by CykloKorytnička cycling road. It's just up to you and your energy!