Forest Roads Under Rakytov Hill

Forest Roads Under Rakytov Hill

  24 km 580 m 14 +

Fast circuit with alternating surfaces rouse you to ride hard!

Start from Gothal Liptovská Osada and take direction to Liptovské Revúce. Get off the main road to the forest path on first cross-road just behind a small hill. Continue in steady climb approximately 5km, and wait for the connecting forest path from left. It's an amazing forest "highway" with glorious sceneries which brings you to the top from Skalnô Valley. Here starts 8km long, technical and fast downhill section by Teplô Valley back to main road. If you do think this route is just a peanut for you, combine it with the "Perfect XC Training Pro" route and test yourself.

Enjoy glorious sceneries to Nízke Tatry and Veľká Fatra mountains. Find a resting terraces mainly in upper parts. Let your body relax in pools or saunas of Gothal Liptovská Osada and continue to ride.