MiniZOO on the Meadow

MiniZOO on the Meadow

 Hobby 8 km 300 m 10 + Kid Trailer

Pleasant uphill by asphalt road, down by beautiful forest path.

Start from parking lot in Hrabovo. Climb up by the asphalt road to Kalvária, turn right and continue climb next 3 km until you reach cross-road with gravel road next to tourist resting area. Follow it about 250m to MiniZOO. Use the same asphalt road to return, or enjoy downhill by gravel path for scooters and bikes. Entrance to it is located on the other side of the asphalt road opposite of the tourist resting area.

Children definitely enjoy miniZOO, where they can look and touch different domestic animals. If you don't have enough riding, take a cable car from Hrabovo and try downhill routes at Malino Brdo BikePark. Need a something else? High ropes park and longest ZIPline in Slovakia are waiting for you in Hrabovo, next to parking lot or just relax on the shore of lake.