Korytnica Spa Big Roundtrip

Korytnica Spa Big Roundtrip

 Expert 49 km 1200 m 17 +

A demanding cross-country circuit offers you great conditions for your training.

The route is exclusively for mountain bikes. In almost its entire length, leads along forest roads and meadows. It begins to climb immediately from start in Korytnica by the road next to healing springs. Follow cycling route markes and continuesly climb to Hiadeľské Pass. Traversing Kozí Hill gets you to grassy plateau. When passing it away, you have to get off from bicycle on a section about 250m. Continue to Donovaly by marked cycling route. Take direction to Motyčky. Downhill pumps up your blood with adrenaline, which helps you to climb through Veľký Šturec Pass and brings you to Liptovské Revúce. Enjoy relaxing section by asphalt road to Liptovská Osada, and prepare yourself to last fast part. Turn right in Liptovská Osada to cycling route Korytnička which takes you back to Korytnica spa.